the hands

The Hands

The hands that did a carpenters job
that hands that pulled the nets on to the boat
that hands that held the crook of the shephard
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The Stranger

Walking by the seashore,
i met a man,
who was attractive beyond compare.
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The baby

Let Me Live

I want to enter this world
so full of beauty
I want to see its splendour
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The Inseparable Bond

we met as strangers
but we spoke as friends
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The angel

The Mysterious Angel

One night as i lay on my bed,
i was overcome with sadness,
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He and I...

When my faith was dead,
“Fear not!”, he said,
“For you, great price have I paid,
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the dawn

The Dawn Has To Come...

The Dawn has to come,
And with it, the morn will come
The dark night is far behind
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power of love

Power Of Love

What is the Power of Love ?
A virgin saying “Yes” to unwed motherhood,
And living that “Yes” as best as she could.
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Christmas Cribs

Mystery of the Feast's

Christmas speaks of love divine,
God sent His Son at a favorable time.
And by His death, God gave us a sign,
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The Best Male Co-star with Amitabh

Who is the best male co-star to act with Amitabh Bachchan? In this article, we take a look at 4 stars of the past who have acted in numerable films with him....
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Top Bollywood Grossers of 2012

Why I Love Bollywood.

Well, we all know that Indian Hindi film industry is lovingly referred to as ‘Bollywood’ & we might also be aware that it is the largest producer of films in the world. But what
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Barn Owl on the AC Stand

Barn Owl Comes Visiting...

Hey! Am so excited! When I woke up this morning, there was a beautiful visitor on my window today! Right on top of the AC stand, was an amazing Barn Owl! I have seen
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The Indian Flag with - I Love My India written above it.

Why I Love India.

It is but natural that everyone loves their own country. Though there may be few inherent negatives or unpleasant things, still people generally overlook them in their love for their country. There are also
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Shahrukh Khan also known as SRK, Baadshah Khan, King Khan

Top 10 Films of Shahrukh Khan.

'SRK’, ‘King Khan’, ‘Badshaah Khan’, ‘King of Romance’….. these are few of the titles referring to one ‘who is now regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of
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A Girl Dancing under a starry sky

Dance To The Rhythm Of The Lord.

This is something so beautiful that I received through email one day! Our relationship with Lord so amazingly described through dance.
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Sharmila Tagore in a bikini in the film 'An Evening in Paris'

Then & Now.

We usually hear these phrases several times in our lives, generally spoken by middle aged or senior citizens, “In our days it was never like this …….” or “what has the world come to….”
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Collage of 20 Renowned Women

Woman Sharing Power With God.

I read about a book that's been published by a French author Elisabeth Badinter. In this book 'Le Conflit, La Femme et La Mere' ( The Conflict, The Woman and The Mother), Badinter says
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Jesus with a small child

Footprints - Revisited.

Imagine you and the Lord are walking down the road together. For much of the way, the Lord's footprints go along, steadily, consistently, rarely varying the pace
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Rice Field of Japan showing portrait of 2 Women

Creative Eyes..

Just came across a mail about the artistic ‘Rice fields in Japan’. Wow man! They are just amazing! This is what I call job enrichment. Simple, routine task of sowing and farming takes on
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Painting of St. Peter's Basillica

Why I Love The Catholic Church.

With the Apostolic Letter 'Porta Fidei'(The Door of Faith), Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith which begins today and will conclude on 24th November 2013, the Solemnity of Christ, the Universal King.
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